Thursday, December 22, 2011

7 Reasons why Microsoft OneNote is an essential business tool.

1.      The Dock to Desktop Feature - allows you to place a note to the side of any program or website.
©     Useful for taking notes while working in other programs.
©     Useful for copying information saved in OneNote into another program.

2.     The Auto Save Feature saves work automatically. You don’t have to click on anything to save your work.
Benefit: Never lose information again.

3.    Password Protection Feature - OneNote encrypts protected notebook sections to help keep your personal information secure.

©     Your notebook may include a dedicated section or folder that contains personal data, such as your home address, telephone numbers, Social Security number, bank and credit card account numbers, Web site login credentials, and similar information. 

4.    The Screen Clipping Feature- you can take a picture of any part of your computer screen.
©     Screen clippings are useful for capturing snapshots of information that may change or expire at its source — such as a breaking news story or a time-sensitive list of available flights and rates on a travel web site.
©      Screen clippings are also helpful for copying web pages whose formatting may not successfully transfer into your notes by any other method.
©     When you copy any text from a web page and paste it into OneNote, the URL of the source page is included for you — with no extra effort at all.
©     If you copy a hyperlink, it retains its functionality and doesn’t turn into plain text.

5.    Print Directly to OneNote Feature- you can print directly to OneNote by choosing “Send to OneNote” option.

©     Save money on printer cartridges and printer paper.
©     Organize your information by printing to a specific notebook and section of your choosing.

6.    Integrated with Microsoft Office Feature- OneNote is integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Word.
©     Save Time by E-mailing notes directly from OneNote. You don’t have to leave the program, go to Outlook and mail your notes as an attachment.
©     You can create an Outlook Task directly from your notes in OneNote.
©     You can send your notes to Microsoft Word and incorporate them into a document or start a new document.
©     You can send an E-mail directly to OneNote and save it to any notebook or section.

7.   Audio & Video Feature- You can insert audio and/or video into your notes.
©     New notes are linked to the time in the audio and or video when you took them.
©     You only need to type a few words and then click on the audio to hear exactly what was said at that point in your notes.

These are just a few of the many features and benefits of Microsoft OneNote. You may also be interested in reading “OneNote the Best Kept Secret” post located in the archives.

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