Monday, October 25, 2010

Did you know that you can create your own shorthand using Microsoft Office and cut down on your typing time?


Whether you touch type or use the two-finger method of typing you will absolutely love this feature!
With the Microsoft Auto Correct option you can type in your own shorthand text and replace it with the correct word.

For example: Type in the letter “u” under the word “Replace” and then type in “you” under the word “With.”
You can add as many replace options as you’d like. Add words, names and acronyms that you use on a regular basis.

To access the Auto Correction option:

Go to “File” - “Options” - “Proofing” - “Auto Correct Options” and you will see a table to fill in.

Another added benefit is that this Auto Correct Option works in all of the Microsoft Office Applications. This means that once you make these corrections they work in all of the applications automatically!

Microsoft Office is the best!