Saturday, May 21, 2011

Do You Sometimes Feel That Your Smartphone Is Smarter Than You?

App Phones

You can type dont, wont, youre, didnt and so on. The phone adds the apostrophe to those automatically. (But remember the difference between it's and its.)

On iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Palm/H.P. phones, tap the Space bar twice at the end of a sentence. You get a period, a space and a capitalized next letter, without hunting for punctuation keys.

On a BlackBerry, hold a letter key down to capitalize it.

Technology Tips

Stylus Pen
Are your text messages full of typos? Buy a stylus pen. There are stylus pens for Smartphones, e-readers and tablet computers. You can buy a 3-pack of sylus pens at Amazon for under $3.00 or do an Internet search for "stylus pen".

Phone Tethering
You can connect an internet-enabled cellphone to a laptop or a desktop computer and connect to the Internet anywhere. Call your cellphone provider and ask about phone tethering.

The Web Shortcuts

You no longer have to type "http://www" into your web browser. For example, just type "" or "". In Safari or Firefox, you can even omit the ".com." In Internet Explorer, you can press Ctrl+Enter to add ".com," or Ctrl+Shift+Enter for ".org."
You can press Alt+D to highlight the address bar at the top of your web browser. Without touching the mouse, type the site name you want.

You can tap the space bar to scroll down one screen at a time. Add the Shift key to scroll back up again. (You can also hit the “Page Up/Page Down Keys”, if you have them.)

When you're filling out an order form, you don't have to slide six miles down the pop-up menu to choose your state. Instead, type the first letter to select it without the mouse. (If you get the wrong state, press the same key again. For example, press C once for California, again for Colorado and a third time for Connecticut.)