Friday, March 18, 2011

Go Green with My Eco Bags!

I first saw the My Eco bags on the talk show The Talk. I was impressed with the bag and the fact that the inventor is the daughter of the inventor of plastic bags. I have always been big on recylcing and I love creativity.  I immediately Googled "My Eco bag" and went to the website to learn more.  The more I read the more impressed I became. It is so small and convenient and easy to carry into the grocery store.
I learned that My Eco also has a fundraising program and I belong to The Women of the Roundtable and the WR Charity Foundation and thought this would be a great fundraiser.  I emailed My Eco to find out how the fundraising program works. I immediately received a response  and all of the information from one of their representatives, Jackie.  She answered all of my questions and I had many and set me up within minutes with a special code for my organization.
If you would like to purchase a bag from The Women of the Roundtable and save $5 go to My Eco and use the following code 101kotzen.
The company also sets up partnerships with schools and neighboring grocery stores so if you would like to raise money for you child's school or you have an organization send an email to She was fantastic and can help you.